The offshore web agency and outsourcing SclWebMaker in brief

Quality websites

Quality websites

We design and create, in strict compliance with the web standards, high-performance websites, attractive and always provided with useful features.

Innovative designs

Innovative designs

Our tireless imagination gives us the ability to make a unique design for your website and aesthetic while respecting your vision and recommendations.

Very good integrations

Good integrations

Our integrations are clear, commented, valid and true to the model provided. Our tools: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.

SclWebMaker the best of the web offshore and virtual from Cameroon, Central Africa At a cost optimized

Our services : web development, mobile development, web design and print, web marketing and training

Experienced, knowledgeable, versatile, creative, passionate, ...

We offer you the best of web, mobile and print at very competitive prices

Création de sites web, intégration et développement web

Website creation , integration HTML5 / CSS3 and web development

Website creation

Création de sites web, intégration et développement web

The importance for a company or any organization to be present on the net is well established. The web is a great jungle of communication where any company should make its way to there not be swallowed. Has understood, and offers the best website creation and deals all stages of this creation.

Whatever your industry, we are committed to make your website the most powerful tool valuation of your structure, with an innovative design that will enhance your brand image. We are qualified and equipped to create any type of website (showcase site, e-commerce, catalog, social network, blog, corporate website, intranet / extranet, etc.). Our solutions are all open source, reliable and enjoy a high reputation namely Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Symfony, Zend and many others.

Our creation steps:

  • 1 Analyse your needs, study your industry and visual strategy editorial and adopt,
  • 2 Site design concept as our creativity, your tastes and expectations,
  • 3 integration and development of the website after validation of the design and its functionality by you,
  • 4 site optimization (safety, speed, SEO),
  • 5 hosting of the website after its validation by you,
  • 6 We train you to manage your site without assistance and provide technical monitoring and e-marketing.

Design for website creation, creating graphical objects, print

Web design and print , Design for website creation, creating graphical objects, print

Web design and print : templates for website and mobile applications as well as graphical charts

Web design and print, templates for website and mobile applications as well as graphical charts

Having a beautiful design for a website, a mobile application, or any other digital communication support is crucial for its use, its survival and its ability to retain or attract any customers. That is why the design of your communication support must be blameless and ensure reflect seriousness of your business.

We translate accurately and graphically your values and goals with style and originality, while placing the end user at the center of our thinking. Bursting with indefatigable imagination, our web designers work closely with our developers and responsible e-marketing to produce a design not only attractive and original, but also talking and user friendly. Whether the design of your website, Your mobile application, your web-oriented graphical objects, entrust their implementation is the assurance of investing in a successful and fruitful visual communication.

The communication although focused primarily on digital, is still very effective in the print (paper) . Timeless and essential, the print provides a targeted visibility on a local or regional level. Business card, brochure, badge, letterhead, placard, calendar, etc. all our achievements in print are unique, elegant, exclusive and above all, faithful to the philosophy of the sponsoring company. With us you will stand out from your competitors with an original graphic and that is unique.

design and creation of mobile applications, Android and IOS

Mobile applications , design and creation of mobile applications, Android and IOS

Mobile applications , mobile application development Android and IOS, native, web or hybrid

Conception et création d'applications mobiles Android et IOS

Already over 100 billion downloads and over 80% of time spent on a telephone by the mobile users, mobile applications, such as websites, represent a communication medium, and customer survey, so the power is constantly increasing over the years, even as the months.

Do not let your competitors get ahead of you, call the mobile development team Now and be guaranteed a mobile application fluid, aesthetic, useful and for sure that will come out of the lot of millions of existing applications. With , Your application will not be abandoned by the mobile user as much applications downloaded today, on the contrary, it will end up on the phone's home page will be used every day.

Two platforms are mastered by our developers, Android and IOS . According to the objectives of the mobile application and according to its degree of complexity, we propose 3 types of mobile to our customers:
  • 1

    Native mobile applications

    ............................ Read +

    These are mobile applications created directly from the SDK (software development kit) of the chosen mobile platform (Android, IOS, Windows Phone, etc.) and native languages like Java for Android and Objective-C for IOS.

    Advantages of native mobile apps
    • They are able to use all functions of mobile and does not need a Internet access for more dynamism.
    • They are generally faster because they interact directly with devices the mobile.
    Disadvantages native mobile applications
    • The creation of a native mobile application is generally more expensive than other types of mobile application as it takes time and application development specialist knowledge of the chosen platform.
    • A native mobile application can only work on the selected platform (IOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.). This means that if you want to create an application native mobile that will work on all existing platforms have to be created for each of these platforms, version of this application, which can be extremely expensive depending your budget.
  • 2

    Mobile Web applications

    ............................ Read +

    These applications are actually specially created websites for optimized display on mobile and accessible from any internet browser installed in the device. They are developed mainly from the latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, Twitter bootstrap, and many others.

    With the power of HTML5, the developer can reach almost 80% of existing features on the mobile as the multi-function, geolocation, accelerometer. Also, HTML5 allows offline synchronization when the mobile loses its internet connection, which allows mobile users to continue using the application pending the return of the internet connection mobile.

    Advantages of mobile web applications
    • These are websites at the base, so they can thus be used on all platforms (Android, IOS, Windows Phone, etc.) from a web browser
    • Their development takes much less time than native mobile applications because web technologies used are generally less complex than native languages (JAVA, Objectice-C, etc.)
    Disadvantages of mobile web applications
    • There are a number of functions of the mobile web applications which can not access such as access and manipulation of the mobile directory for example.
    • Their use requires an Internet connection on their mobile which can greatly limit its use.
    • Always go through a web browser to access a web application, which can be annoying for the mobile user, however it is possible to add a site link the home screen of the mobile.
  • 3

    The hybrid mobile applications

    ............................ Read +

    They are definitely more preferred developers because they are somehow a merger between mobile web apps and native mobile applications. As web applications, they are cross-platform and thus solve the compatibility problem native mobile applications. And unlike web applications, they have access to all mobile functions in the same way as native applications. They use technologies which provide links between web technologies and native languages. These technologies we can cite Titatium and PhoneGap.

    Advantages of hybrid mobile applicationss
    • They are multi-platform (work equally well on Android than on iOS for example).
    • Their implementation is generally less expensive and takes less time than native mobile applications.
    Disadvantages native mobile applications
    • They are usually slower than native mobile applications.

SEO and web marketing

SEO and web marketing ,e-marketing, SEO, promotion on social networks and advertising on Facebook and Google

SEO and web marketing

SEO and E-Marketing, SEO, promotion in social networks

Web SEO is the process that will allow you to generate more visits to your website. We analyze the keywords related to your industry and optimize the content of your web pages in their totality (title, meta description, meta keywords, text, images, links, URL rewrite, etc.) to improve the positioning of your website on the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

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Offshore services

Offshore services (outsourcing of web projects, web agency outsourcing): web development and mobile, Integrating HTML5 / CSS3

Offshore services (outsourcing web projects)

Conception et création d'applications mobiles

SclWebMaker, from Cameroon (Central Africa), offers services offshoring (for enterprises and foreign individuals) and outsourcing (specifically for web agencies). Whether the intégrationweb or web development, the development of mobile, web and print design, or e-marketing, you can call us for one or all of these services from any country, it is always a pleasure for us to work with you.

Why outsource or offshore use?

1 If you are a western web agency, you can outsource part your projects at home if:
  • you have a surplus of customer requests and you do not have enough resources to provide all
  • your services are complementary to ours, for example, you offer graphic design services or web marketing without knowing yourself in the web or mobile development;
  • you are looking for a competent workforce, experienced but cheaper.
2 If you are an individual or enterprise of the West, you can contact us:
  • you want to have good web or mobile products but at a price much lower than what you offer providers of the countries of the Euro zone.

Why choose us as offshore provider?

  • We are competent, experienced and professional.
  • Meeting deadlines is crucial with us regardless project entrusted to us.
  • With us you pay on delivery, not required in advance.
  • We control all creation chain of a website or a mobile application, which allows you to have recourse to a single supplier to support all the creative cycle of your projects and will ensure both the design (if needed), integration, development, deployment, SEO and technical monitoring.
  • Our country, Cameroon is a country of peace, stability and bilingual (French and English). It reassures you of a long term cooperation with us.
  • Our time zone is very close to the French-speaking European countries like Belgium, France and Switzerland. This allows us to comply easily to your working hours especially if working mode governed.
  • Our prices are very attractive with a highly skilled and experienced staff. This allows you to huge savings while focusing on quality and reliability.

Our various outsourcing in collaboration modes

  • 1 Outsourcing collaborative mode governed

    The project manager here is you, or at least working for you. We offer you a resource or team whose skills meet the requirements you need to complete project. This team or that resource will be entirely to your supervision and comply 100% your schedules and work rules. Invoicing in this mode is monthly.

  • 2 Cooperative Model in outsourcing package

    In this mode, the project is managed by our team at all levels. You only have to send us your tender specifications / requirements, and we ourselves will ensure the realization of cycle corresponding project while scrupulously ensuring you constantly make reports its evolution until the final delivery. During the implementation of the project, we will of Partial deliveries so you can detect in time if something does not go as you want or if you make changes to or features to add. Invoicing in this mode is done by hourly cost.

How to entrust us a first project with confidence?

With us, you only pay on delivery, requires no advance. This allows you to accept and delivery only if you are fully satisfied and test our competence and seriousness in peace. During a first project with us, if you are not assured of the quality of product we can produce and are afraid of being caught in the throat by respect for deadlines, you can trust us, for a start, a small project, whose completion time is very short but with high demands (Technical and professional). Your risks are thus limited if not neutral, we respond professionally, you have a quality product, with a confidentiality the identity of the service provided, and all at an affordable cost to the citizens of the West. This first project will also allow us to appreciate your seriousness, mutual trust and long-term cooperation and will then be established between our two structures.

Who are the beneficiaries of our offshore services?

The countries of the areas where the currency is well above the CFA franc as the euro and the dollar, for example, are most benefited by our deals in offshore and outsourcing, by the simple fact that they benefit home of a skilled workforce, quality, but much cheaper than at home. Rest assured, EVERYBODY WINS! ...

Formations web

Formations Integration HTML5 / CSS3, web development, web marketing, mobile application development in and web site administration

Our formations

Formations en SEO et E-marketing, en Référencement et réseaux sociaux

Discover all our formations web development mobile application development , web design and print web marketing , e-commerce and Site Administration . The site administration training is dedicated to our clients or any other person wishing to administer his own website (not need a technical background for this training). Choose from the list below and contact us soon after.

Beautiful design is a mirror, a window
while a bad design only smoke

Opt for a solution is good, but opt for the best solution it's better

Our technologies

Versatile, we have mastered many technologies.

Here are the languages, frameworks and CMS used by the agency to serve you, in short, all our solutions

  • Wordpress


  • Joomla


  • Drupal


  • CMS Ruby


  • HTML 5 et XHTML

    HTML 5 / XHTML

  • CSS 3

    CSS 3

  • JavaScript / jQuery

    JavaScript / jQuery

  • Web responsive

    Web responsive

  • WooCommerce, plugin Wordpress pour le E-commerce


  • Prestashop


  • Magento


  • Photoshop


  • Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe In Design

    Adobe In Design

  • Zend Framework

    Zend Framework

  • Symfony


  • Ruby On Rails

    Ruby On Rails

  • Django


  • Android


  • IOS


  • Phonegap


  • Titanium Mobile

    Titanium Mobile

The success of a project is essential and greatly linked the choice of provider

The agency

More than a web agency, we are passionate
which beyond the profit motive, make the success of your project their top priority

Founded in SclWebMaker, Offshore web agency in Central Africa, specializing in web and mobile development ... 2012

Expertise , Creativity , adaptation Customer Satisfaction are our watchwords

SclWebMaker is an innovative offshore web agency based in Cameroon (Central Africa). Created in 2012 by two passionate web engineers by the digital design virtual world expertise continues to evolve both nationally and internationally, particularly in the design and creation of original designs in integration Best CMS and frameworks as Wordpress , Joomla , Drupal PrestaShop , Zend, or Ruby On Rails, without forgetting the fields of mobile applications , SEO web marketing and print .

Agency human scale, Has a young team, competent, professional and reliable whose only motivation is successful 100% of the projects entrusted to it and total customer satisfaction. Thanks to the young and open mind of his team, Offers a new and innovative look at the digital world while ensuring respect scrupulously the codes and principles of the trade. Its 6 years experience and Western individuals, high quality services, competitive at international level, at discount prices and largely beneficial to the citizens of the West.

Key figures

  • +500 projects already done brilliantly and with success
    and counting ...
  • +5 years of existence and more than 5 years experience
    for each employee
  • 35 % of our clients are african
    (Cameroon, Senegal, Benin, Congo)
  • 65 % of our clients is Western
    (Belgium, France, Canada, Switzerland)
  • 8 employees all qualified,
    professional and above all, passionate
  • 99,99 % of HAPPY customers,
    Eh YES !!!

Why choose us?

    • Competence and experience

      Besides being passionate, each member of our team is knowledgeable and has experience at least 5 years in the field. Our recruitment method is very selective, ... we hire only the best.

    • Quality always present

      Because we are professionals and we make customer satisfaction one of our priorities, our products are always of quality and in every respect ... the details of specifications established at the outset.

    • Timeliness

      We recognize the crucial importance of timeliness of a project. We expect a realistic timeframe for the conduct of your project and respect ... The timing that we presented.

    • Cost advantages

      Make huge savings through our offshore offering. We offer you at rates revised down from + 50%, quality services and internationally competitive. We ... just the best quality / price ratio.

    • Confidentiality guaranteed

      We preserve the confidentiality of customer data. In the case of outsourcing, our achievements are in white label we respect the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) projects ... made with each partner.

    • Rigorous methodology

      Our methods focus on professionalism and seriousness we put on each project that we care and that no matter the size and complexity of the ... project.

    • Cash on delivery

      With us you pay no chance without being satisfied with the product produced. You pay only upon delivery, no advance required. You can test our know-how and ... seriously in peace.

    • Time zone

      With our time zone (GMT + 1) of Cameroon which is very close to that of countries English-speaking and French-speaking European such as United Kingdom and Switzerland, we comply very ... easily work schedules of these countries.

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    Where are we?

    Contact us and get a professional approach: expertise, advice, analysis, and solutions for your project.

    Our offices are located in Yaounde, capital of Cameroon, in Bastos (not far from the Belgian Embassy) .

    • Bastos , Yaounde, Cameroon
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